1. J

    GAMERSInc.co.za ARK: Survival Evolved local server online

    GAMERSInc. ARK Survival Evolved server. XEON 6 Cores - 12 GB RAM - Cape Town DC - 1 GBe Breakout http://www.gamersinc.co.za/gaming/19-ark-evolved-survival/46-ark-evolved-survival-za-online Status: http://www.gamersinc.co.za/status Server Name: GAMERSInc.co.za:ARK:PvPvE Server IP/Host...
  2. MDKza

    SiC ARK Survival Evolved Server

    Hi All! We have created a new ARK server for those interested. We have fully active admins that are around more often than not. Details about the server itself (for those looking for the details): 24/7 Hosted at a local datacentre 8 cores 6 Gig Ram 200Gig HDD Restarts happen...