1. bromster

    Father's Day 2013

    I hope all of us lucky enough to have our Dads with us today take the time to appreciate all the sacrifices they made to get us where we are. We just had pancakes for breakfast. He wanted the new Tomb Raider :D, so got him that with a new laptop battery and some bits and pieces. Planning on...
  2. LazyLion

    School taken to court over Cricket Demotion

    A man has taken St Charles College to court to stop them dropping his 17-year-old son as captain and as a member of the Pietermaritzburg school's cricket first team, The Star reported on Wednesday. The father could not be named to protect his son's identity. According to court papers, his...
  3. mercurial

    Father drowned in swimming pool for 40 mins while lifeguards chatted to girls

  4. mercurial

    Man tried to hire prostitute for his son, 14

  5. mercurial

    Boy Dies During Dad's 'How To Party' Lesson

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