fibre 100mbps utilization

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    100/100 Mbps R899 pm Uncapped

    Fibre and wireless connection available
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    i need fibre in meyersdal

    i need fibre in meyersdal who is the to go with there is a vumatel box on the floor
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    Vumatel with Cell C-Fibre, Line Speeds, Cape Town

    Hopefully the following post can help someone out there that had as many questions I had regarding Fibre and its performance. Questions such as: Who is the best ISP to select once your line has been installed? Is there a difference between LTE-A and Fibre? Which router is the best for Fibre...
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    Fibre Network failover to ADSL

    I have recently installed FTTH with TT CONNECT with Fredd as service provider and we are down once or twice a week. I still have ADSL with a different service provider. I have kept both until there is stability in the area as there are still large installations going on in the area. I have a...
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    Possibilities on 100MBPS fibre

    Guys Those lucky enough to own a 100MBPS fibre connection...what are you doing with it and can you ever use the full pipe? I.E: HD Streaming will work perfect, but wont use the full pipe - Showmax, Netflix. International downloads are be faster, but is at 10MBS/s due to ISP...