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    Software recommendation: ReNamer

    I just wanted to share a great free utility that I’ve been using – ReNamer. It batch renames files (and folders, too) and is very lightweight and easy to use. I’ve been using it to rename email files before filing at work. I add a date prefix in the office standard format, clean up the spaces...
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    File Sharing CMS?

    Hello I have a client with a film production company that needs to upload his presentations (images, videos etc) for his clients to download. He used to do this via FTP but he now actually wants a type of a CMS with a user interface where his clients can log in and download the files. So...
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    Secure Digital Download Server

    Hey there peeps. Ive been googling for a while trying to find something, but I dont seem to be using the right search terms. :-/ Basically a client of ours is in the film industry. They do adverts and small shorts for corporate clients. What they need from us is secure hosting so that...