1. skimread

    SA Government developers outsourcing their work to India & Bangladesh?

    Just saw this post on facebook from a Bangladesh upwork freelancer posting for help. Judging by what he is asking to me it looks like a Department of Health developer is possibly outsourcing his job. I looked up his profile on upwork and he charges $10 per hour. He probably quoted 1 hour...
  2. B

    Part time senior software engineer for hire - updated

    Ok guys, lots of views but no hits. I removed the hourly rate. I willing to negotiate on rate. I am trying to get a side gig going so I am flexible in that regard. Please contact me to have a discussion. I am sure I can provide great value. I'm a senior software engineer with 12+ years...
  3. S

    FNB B.O.P code advice

    Hi! I need some advice from anyone who uses FNB, Paypal, or any freelancer who earns online :o Which B.O.P code would you all suggest for someone who earns a small income from writing, editing, or sometimes art? I don't want to abuse the Gift option or risk using an inappropriate code that...
  4. F

    Any NopCommerce guys here?

    Hi folks! Anyone here know their way around developing for NopCommerce 3.50? I tried my hand at it, but I am a bit out of my depth with MVC and with NopCommerce's framework (I'm a Python guy :p). I've spent more time bashing my head against the wall these last two weeks than I care to admit...
  5. S

    Ecommerce - ElasticSearch 3-6 month Contract, not location based R55+k p/m

    My client, a very large Ecommerce firm, has a project that they would like a senior person to take ownership of. The role is based in Cape Town, however, it is neither location nor office bound. It is also not person specific, so whether you have a small contracting firm, or you are looking for...
  6. S

    Looking for good (Web App + Software + Design) companies / individuals for business.

    Hi there, I'm searching for good companies or individuals that I can Contract work out to for: (Web/Desktop/Mobile) Development, Design, Support & Maintenance. If you know of a company or individual that is good in any of the above areas, please recommend. Qualifying companies / individuals...
  7. P

    Freelance .Net Sharepoint specialist needed

    We are looking for a freelance developer with skills in Sharepoint and .Net (understanding Web API) Latest tech Visual Studio 2013 We will also train you in Qlikview BI And Android Development Email
  8. S

    Started freelancing, need business advice please

    Hi All, I recently started doing quite a few freelance jobs for guys overseas. It's becoming a bit more serious now and it seems like I might be getting a few "regular clients". What I'd like to know is what type of business I should register? These guys pay me via paypal and this is...
  9. N

    Anyone doing (remote) freelance work?

    Hello guys, Just thought I'd ask this one to everyone here. Do any of you do freelance work for people all over the world? (Where you may be using sites like oDesk, etc or have even built up a client-list on your own site of sorts) What has your success(es) been so far? Have you...
  10. V

    Online Freelancers

    Hi everyone, Which freelance websites are the best for developers in SA to make a decent 2nd living? Do you have any tips for newbies exploring this avenue? Any things to avoid or watch out for? How does tax work? Do you have to have an international paypal account to get paid etc. Thanks...
  11. P

    Looking for Freelance Office Space/Desk in Cape Town

    Hi I am a web freelancer in Cape Town in need of office space/desk. My main requirement is FAST internet. I'm stuck working at home with a slow internet connection & at times lack of inspiration. Any ideas or contacts? Thanks
  12. F

    Photography Site

    Hey Guys, Hosted a new site showcasing some of my favourite shots. Let me know what you think!
  13. E

    Web Design in South Africa

    I am starting a web site that showcases some of the best web designs in South Africa. I also plan to update the blog section with advice on where the best places are to get hosting, best design agencies and more. The site is called - Sourcing the best pixels from the...
  14. M

    Corel draw graphics suite 4 and Adobe Indesign cs3 - HELP !!!!

    hi guys, if there is anyone here on the forums who have one or both of these programs, i need help asap. My designer is awol, no idea where he is and I'm coming close to the deadline. Need help with 3 things 1) corel draw file, need to create a template from an existing on, just with...