1. indiebio

    (International) freelance payment options

    Hi Do you know or use any of these payment options (for international freelance work)? It's probably suitable for general international salary transfers too. I am considering doing freelance writing online, and need to choose a payment method. I guess post covid this may be useful to many...
  2. B

    Provisional Tax Returns

    Hi There, I have a question << stating the obvious :) Up until October 2018, I was a full-time employee. Then since November 2018, I started freelancing. I am prepping myself for my first IRP6. I understand the turnover question, but when they ask what my estimated taxable income is. Would it...
  3. C

    Two Black Sheep

    Hi All I am a freelance developer for Java and PHP. I have 20+ years experience and have been a technical director, solutions architect, dev lead and senior systems analyst for some of the biggest companies in South Africa. After being retrenched in April, I started my company called Two Black...
  4. D

    Software Architect 7+ Years Experience Freelancer

    Hi, Please see by online C.V.: :) Available for contract work, and am willing to setup monthly retainers should you need a more committed resource. PM me if you are interested! Primary languages JavaScript Erlang/Elixir C# Enterprise Bash Secondary...
  5. D

    Feedback for site idea

    Hi. We have started an SA developer community. - Freelancers can now add themselves to the site. I am thinking of expanding this to something that the UK does very well. add a project, find a project, find a freelancer etc. my intention would be...
  6. R

    BSc IT student

    Hi all. I have decided to go back to college to finish my IT degree, but wanted to find out if any of you know of places or people who can help me with a job to help supplement my study fees. This is what I've studied in my degree so far: BSc IT(Not completed) Year 1...
  7. R

    Ambitious web developer seeking job.

    Hi, my name is Siyabonga(Siya) Ridge Ngcobo. Due to me falling ill of Rheumatoid Arthritis and having no funds for college, I was forced to drop out of college in my second year in my IT degree and have since been freelancing in web development and design. In terms of the freelancing, I...
  8. M

    Fullstack developer looking for freelance work (AngularJS/NodeJS/Go/Python & PHP)

    I'm a fullstack developer with experience in the early stage payments and adtech startup industries. My main strengths are in AngularJS (frontend JavaScript), Python (Flask), Golang and PHP. I also do some NodeJS but not as much as I would like. I can develop WordPress plugins as well as...
  9. Tpex

    Freelancer Discover Mod (MMO)

    The best mod for Freelancer is available, which turn turns it into a bit of an MMO, Anybody plays this? I have been playing on the Discvery 24/7 server :D linkys (main site) (forum) (wiki)