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    LG G4 Motherboard Failure and Vodacom Contract

    Hi Guys 2 weeks ago my LG G4 went into reboot cycles and eventually bricked to mobile heaven. Thankfully I am on contract with Vodacom, the phone still under warranty. The motherboard was replaced but here's where I need your input; I asked the assistant at Vodacom how long the replacement part...
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    Huawei ascend mate 7 + LG G4 + HTC M9 Vodacom Smart L pricing

    Went to vodacom yesterday since I need to upgrade. Wrote down the quoted price on the VODACOM SMART L contract. Per Month price = HANDSET + SIM Huawei ascend mate 7 (ETA 1-2 weeks) R 739 pm R 3379 Cash HTC One M9 (confirmed stock) R 779 pm R 5129 Cash LG G4 (ETA 1-2 weeks) R 729 pm R 4069 Cash