1. JRJakkals

    Consumer protection act - Notebook opened warranty void

    Hi Everybody I have a Asus notebook, brand new. I have opened the notebook reloaded the notebook with my own OS image and installed all Asus drivers and software. Problem notebook stops charging, unplug charger and plug back in charge for a short while The Asus notebook supplier dont want to...
  2. S

    WTF is up with SA ADSL connection

    Recently, I got a different view of PS3 online gaming LOL :love:. People saying you must have a 10 MB ADSL line = Got that. Our 10 MB speed ADSL Line is quite above some countries. We are up there. OK Not yet. So is it really the...
  3. LazyLion

    You can call me "General"from now on says Cele! How about they bring back the idea of fighting crime into the police? Now there is a novel idea. :mad:
  4. S

    Selling battlefield 4 star general account!

    I'm Selling my Battlefield 2 Four Star General account. Legit & not modded every kill was earned This was my account I've had since the game came out :) Stats no lower than 10 KD = great KD Jet stats are aprox 21,500 kills 4300. Road kills 165 deaths Alot of Vehicle Kills & Infantry Kills...