1. J

    Importing guitar amps

    I know that you don't have to pay import duties when importing a stringed instrument, to SA. I just wanted to know if the same applies for guitar amps.
  2. S

    New Rock and Roll / Alternative Music ???

    Hi All, I am looking for new music, new bands etc in the broader rock / alternative genre. Something ruff, something blues, something acoustic, something hard, something new, something fresh, something with soul, something sleazy, something with solos, something acoustic, something electric...
  3. T

    Electrical grounding / audio problem (for PC, Guitar, Headphones, Dishwasher, et)

    I'm just going to throw this out there, does anyone have any tips or pointers for the following electrical problem: I'm currently renting the downstairs section of a double storey house in an urban residential area, but the wiring is old, and the house mains run to a hollow-core steel / alloy...
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    Guitar Hero

    How good are you? :D Struggling with a few solo's on GH - Metallica Namely Am I Evil All Nightmare Long (I only play on Expert :p )