1. S

    To buy a Citi Golf or not?

    Hi guys I hope you can help me out, I bought a second-hand Ford Fiesta off of gumtree after a very serious hi-jacking and out of desperation I bought it, blinded by the cheaper price and the look of a new(er) car. Now, after having to replace the Welch plugs and tappet cover after owning the...
  2. LazyLion

    Steam Account Hijacked

    My son's steam account has been hijacked. At 5 pm on Sunday Evening he got an e-mail to say that his password and contact e-mail had been changed. He immediately tried to log on to steam, but he was locked out and it told him "incorrect password". His password was an average on consisting of six...
  3. mercurial

    Alleged pickup thief loses truck to carjacker