home loan

  1. NeonNinja

    Is renting really a waste of money?

  2. Puk

    I bought a house and its financially choking me

    As a relatively young guy of 26, I bought my first house. Got a 100% loan without any deposit. Here's the plot twist, though: I was duped by the estate agent - the interest rates from the banks were NOT good at all and I wanted to pull out. They ended up forcing me to buy the place since...
  3. N

    Using a bond originator vs directly with bank

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out whether I should use one of the bond originators vs directly with my bank when applying for my next home loan. I'm an ABSA private bank customer, and when I asked my banker to intervene with my previous home loan wrt my interest rate, she said she couldn't touch the...
  4. C

    Saving on intereset on Home loan?

    I was wondering if I take out a home loan from Standard-bank/FNB and get access to an access bond. You can transfer money into your access bond and withdraw again. When I get my salary the debit order will go off and I have the rest of my salary to spent the way I want. If I have extra money I...
  5. Z

    Financial Advice

    Good Day Fellow MYBB'ers I am in need of some financial advice and guidance. So here is the situation... So last year I bought a car from a dealer, last week I had a look on what is still owed and i saw that it is about R250 000 still that needs to be paid, I currently pay R4000 a month...
  6. X

    How much interest should I expect on a home loan?

    I've recently begun the process to purchase my first home for R600K, with a 25% deposit. So the amount I'm looking for from the banks is R450K. I went through a bond originator (recommended by the estate agent), who came back with the following: ABSA declined, Standard Bank offered prime +5.25%...
  7. S

    Bond interest rate

    So ABSA offered me prime + 0.21% for a home loan of R1.35mil less R200k deposit so R1.15mil. I declined their offer and they came back with a "final offer" of prime + 0.01%. I declined their offer yet again, even though they said that would be their "final offer". They eventually came...
  8. kanzen

    Home Loan Available Balance

    I currently have a home loan with FNB which is about to deduct the first instalment. Since I had some extra cash in my cheque account I decided to transfer some into the home loan thinking it would appear under Available Balance...but all that happened was a reduction to the capital amount...
  9. Corvus

    Bond Originators... yes another thread

    I write this today to try possibly understand, or expose, the bond originator process we have in SA. There is no naming and shaming here, I am merely a ?? :wtf::confused: ?? person where it comes to bond originators after this experience. I got an offer to purchase, started the process...
  10. S

    Access Bond to Create Wealth

    Hi Guys I have an idea and want to know if you think it will work. This is the idea: I want to buy a property (+/-R500k) via a bond. (I can cover the transfer costs and 10% deposit) I want to put tenants in and I expect to be paying in an extra +/-R1000 per month to cover levies...
  11. T

    "Good" Home loan interest rate

    Anyone know what a "good" interest rate on a home loan would be? Got offered 8.59% (Prime -0.66%) by Nedbank on a 2Mil home loan. Is that any good? Still shopping around though.
  12. Archer

    Home loans with rental income

    Quick question - trying to get pre-qualified for a loan so I know the ballpark the banks think I can afford. So in your experience, what percentage (if any) of rental income will banks allow you to put into your gross income? And what about if part of that rental would be from my current primary...
  13. U

    100% bond vs 90% bond and 10% personal loan

    Hi Guys, I am needing advise as to which to pick, the monthly payments are approximately the same, just the 100% bond is at a higher rate. I have been offered a 100% bond at prime + 3.5%, and a 90% bond at prime + 0.9%. I will need to take out a 10% personal loan which will most likely be...
  14. phoneJunky

    First Homeloan Payment question

    Hello guys. I just bought my first house and there is a couple of things I don't know that I think some of you guys might be able to help me with. I told the attorneys to make the payments the on the 26th as I get payed on the 25th. Now, the house was registered in my name last week and a few...