home theater

  1. N

    LG NB5540 soundbar issues

    Anyone else experiencing issues when playing music via bluetooth to the LG NB5540 soundbar or playing a video on the TV and sound via "LG Sound Sync"? I recently got the NB5540 soundbar and the sound keeps skipping every now and then (especially when my phone is not directly next to the...
  2. Rouxenator

    Lian-Li Micro PC | AMD 5350 Quad Core | Radeon HD8400 | 8GB RAM | 32GB SDD [S]

    Lian-Li Micro PC | AMD 5350 Quad Core | Radeon HD8400 | 8GB RAM [S] Item name: Beautiful, sleek, sexy and quiet small form factor PC (see specifications below) Age and condition: 1 year old Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: I downgraded to a Raspberry Pi2 as my...
  3. C

    How can I record TV on to an HDD?

    Recently my 2 LG DVD Recorders got hit by lightning and is beyond repair. Now I used this purely to record my TV shows on. Even 7de laan and what made this so good is that I could burn my soaps onto a disc. I travel a lot and I do catch up while I am on the road with my portable DVD player...
  4. C

    Best Home Theater For Value out there at the moment?

    I am looking at buying a home theater system. I am looking for a system that have quality sound, should be able to connect via blue tooth (to play songs from my phone) and WiFi to play songs that I have from my WiFi network at home from my PC. I do have a Samsung S4 that would make me a...
  5. B

    Special Online Attention

    DON'T GET LEFT IN THE DARK Prices don't seem fair? Delivery fees not clear? Struggling with a decision? We don't have the item you are looking for? It is time for some LIVE answers! We have just implemented our new live online assistance feature. Make a query anytime of the day and we...
  6. M

    Onkyo HT-S5405 HDMIs display "Signal not found" & "Mode not Supported" messages

    Hi, Calling out all audiophiles, hope you can advise/help me with this... I've got the Onkyo HT-R548 HTiB(Home Theater in a Box) that came with the HT-S5405 receiver. I don't really know what happened (thinking it was maybe a power surge, my alarm clock was reset) but when I came back...
  7. G

    Home Theatre: Any color as long as it's black

    I'm looking for a home theater / entertainment system (prefereably Blu-Ray) that I can plug into my TV. BUT ... I dont want black speakers all over my TV room (yes ... I'm gay and so aesthetics and decorating are by default, very important to me). :o Can anyone make a suggestion where I can...
  8. soldierboi

    LG vs. Philips Home Theater??

    I cant make my mind up on these two home theater sets: LG HT964TZ & Philips HTS3568DW. LG: Pros: Looks great, Good sound quality, 1080p Upscaling Cons: 1 HDMI input, abit more expensive (R5000 - R6000) Philips: Pros: Looks good, wireless rear speakers (with receiver incl), ipod...
  9. S

    Silverstone HTPC

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if there is a Silverstone HTPC local retailer in SA? Im want to buy one of these nice looking chassis for my media center. :) Anyone? :)