htc hero

  1. Derrick

    HTC Hero

    HTC's third Android release offers an impressive OS but few hardware improvements The HTC Hero Android smartphone is the manufacturer’s third generation offering, following the Magic. The phone is practically the same under the hood as the Magic although some features such as a 5 Megapixel...
  2. D

    HTC Hero upgrade

    I just want to find out... how can we, here in SA get our Hero's to android 2.0 or 2.1. It seems that South Africans are clueless and our network operators, well.... what can I say! I read that HTC Hero Sprint got the update yesterday, May 20? Can we download that update, will it work? How long...
  3. M

    Root/ROM HTC phones

    So after surfing the web a bit, I found many articles and youtube videos on people loading ROMs onto their phone from the xda-developers site. I've also seen that there are users who have loaded the HTC Hero's ROM onto their HTC Magic. Since I'm not really clued up on all of this, would this be...
  4. Psyndrome

    HTC Hero Problem

    Hi guys, I have an issue with my Hero where the mobile network keeps switching off and says "SIM Unavailable". I have to keep switching the phone on/off to re-enter the my PIN and make calls. I checked all mobile settings and phone settings and can't find anything that would cause this to...