1. Datura

    My Aquaponics Project

    I am starting an aquaponics project here at home in Moz. I don't really know what I am doing yet but I will learn as I go along. I worked with Hydroponics for 2 years (2001-2002) to grow beans to test spiders on but other than that have no experience. So, I have started small with what I do...
  2. T

    Any plastic/Nylon/PP/PE experts?

    Hi I am looking for grow/filter media for a aquaponics system. The stuff I'm looking for is similar to the (usually) green pot scourers. The discs used in industrial floor polishers/cleaners also have s similar structure. Can anyone tell me what it's called? What is it made of...
  3. Zenbaas

    Hydroponic Gardening DIY

    Below was my original post and things have changed quite a bit. I will try and add some better info for first time growers as well as some info on where things can be purchased.
  4. S

    Hydroponic gardening

    How many people have tried or know anything of hydroponic gardening? I've been reading a bit about it and I want to try it. I think I'll start with tomatoes. I'm concerned about the nutritional value of the produce though. The guide I read explains that you need macro and micro nutrients...