1. P

    Astronomical star constellation character map image

    I'm looking for the actual image or something similar, that's on these mug examples - the astronomical star constellation character map I want to get it printed as a poster Any suggestions on where to get something like this from?
  2. OnlyOneKenobi

    Photoshopping Services as a side income in South Africa?

    I'm a little curious... I see many online articles that suggest people can make a decent side income by offering photo editing and retouching services online. I might be missing the mark here, but in my experience the average person doesn't seem too keen to pay for a service like this -...
  3. G

    Dunkirk poor picture quality at IMAX Gateway - Ster Kinekor

    Has anyone else experienced sharp ads and trailers but the movie itself seems out of focus? Brilliant movie ruined by Ster Kinekor once again.:mad:
  4. D

    windows 7 custom image

    Hey everyone, I want to get some tip on how to do the following. I have 10 PC's all running exact same software. I want to setup one install all the apps, office 2010 and some custom stuff, configure everything and do all updates, including windows. Then make an image of the...
  5. C

    Image Grabber from Websites

    Hi guys, Can you please advise on a good image grabber that will crawl a website and download images.
  6. S

    Windows background from server?

  7. NomNom

    The Epic Mission To Upgrade From XP To 7

    Ok so I have been reading into this for some time and apparently it should work. My mission is simply this: To upgrade a Windows XP Professional SP3 PC to Windows 7 Professional. Obviously the problem is simple; it can not be done directly. My plan is this: Upgrade from Windows XP Professional...
  8. DrJohnZoidberg

    Google making it easy to find your Exchange

    Drove the other day to drop somebody off and went past what I thought was the local telkom exchange, but it was dark and wasn't too sure, so decided to see if I could go there on Google street view. S'true as Bob found it in a view clicks. Nice image quality too...