intel i7

  1. Sudo Panic

    Looking to purchase a laptop for University - Programming, Web development, Media encoding etc

    Hey guys compliments of the season :) I am looking to purchase a new laptop for Uni (App Development). Context I've been stuck for the past two days in making a decision and wanted to know if you guys could help me out. So I'm not looking to be spoon fed it's just that this is a lot of cash...
  2. I

    Solid Computing - Intel specials

    Hey myBB:), We have the following on special for the rest of this week : Intel Core i7 3960x : R9,369.84 Intel Core i7 3930k : R5,252.37 Intel Core i7 2600k : R3,056.63 Intel Core i5 2500k : R1,995.35 We are also proud to announce that we now accept Credit/Debit cards payment...
  3. Derrick

    Intel i7 hits the streets

    Finally there is a new Intel chip on the market to make the processing freaks happy! The new Intel i7 series of chips hits computer retailers nationwide today with three variants available. All three are quad core processors. \ Representing the largest architectural change in the Intel x86...