international access

  1. hafniumpentoxide

    How many submarine cables link our Republic to the world?

    What a surprize when I was reminded of my ignorance (once again) by my brother in his familiar condescending tone to us mere mortals! I also had the honour of being told that all nine of these cables are fibre optic, which I suspected, but now know. Most have more than one landing point on our...
  2. A

    10 MB Uncapped Business ADSL international access is useless

    Hi, We got the 10 MB Uncapped Business ADSL from Telkom. The international access is slow to the point of being unusable. We bought 1 month uncapped from WebAfrica and the international access (using the same router and line - just changing the ISP) is working fine. Has anyone else...
  3. G

    Reddit and Facebook on local?

    A while back the international interwebz on Afrihost was down because of some undersea cable "repair" work. But even though I couldn't even connect to Google I still managed to connect to Reddit and Facebook and there was almost no performance issues. Now as far as I know those 2 companies don't...