ipad 1

  1. Deep78

    where to get iPad1? online or retail?

    so i've bee searching online but with not much luck, trying to find an iPad 1 from a retail or online store. Are they still being sold? Can anyone point me to a store that still sells them?
  2. R

    Ipad1 or Ipad2

    I have an option to buy a second hand Ipad1 32gb 3g at about half price. Would you rather get a ipad2 at say R6k or ipad1 at R3k?
  3. N

    iPad1 16GB Wifi Model Wanted (x10)

    Does anyone know where I will be able to get 10x (New) iPad1 16GB Wifi? All the Apple Stores and a variety of other stores I have phoned are all out of stock and it also doesn't sound like they will be getting new stock in...