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    High Ping/Lag/Latency after Switching to IPCop

    Hey everyone My flatmate and I are having insane problems with our ADSL this year, even after Telkom came out for a repair to the lines a couple of weeks ago. But since last year, actually, we've been suspecting that a lot of our problems are related to our router. So, finally, out of...
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    Hey guys, I've got an old dell laptop D505, which linux will work great on that as Ubuntu doesnt wanna load onto it. i heard theres a why to use IpCop to get more connections to SAIX news servers, I know some people wont tell others how to do this, but i dont know anything about IPCop, i...
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    Hi guys, I don't have any experience with IpCop but looking at trying it out for use in our small company. I'm hoping the CopFilter add-on could also help us with the some spam seeping through to us. To all you IpCop gurus, please help me out. I've done some reading but one or two things I'm not...
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    Least-Cost Routing and ADSL

    The story: International bandwidth costs ~~ R 70.00 per GB. Local costs ~~ R 19.00. If your router is configured to connect to an international account, traffic to local IPs wastes expensive bandwidth. Hypothetical Situation: you want to download a whole bunch of Linux-related files from a...
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    Smoothwall/IPCop compatible router

    Hi there Those of you who use Smoothwall or IPCop, what routers are you using? I need to spec project damagement with a router as we need to supply one of our sites with a compatible router as the router they have on site is not compatible. It must be an ethernet device, and it does not...
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    Splitting International and Local Bandwidth with IPcop

    Hey Everyone. (Latest Version) I managed to get my IPcop firewall to split traffic between International and Local. I was all ways jealous of those who used routesentry :) but I was not prepared to do away with my IPcop and didnt want to create PPPoE connections on the PC's, and know there...