jarrad wright

  1. Jan

    EskomSePush's load-shedding data for 2021

    Load-shedding in 2021 — according to EskomSePush South Africa's most popular load-shedding app, EskomSePush (ESP), has built up a large cache of information about the country's loathed rotational power cuts during 2021. ESP co-founder Herman Maritz recently announced he would be working on the...
  2. Jan

    CSIR updated load-shedding data for 2021 released

    2021 load-shedding shocker New data released by Jarrad Wright, principal engineer at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), shows that 2021 is the worst year ever for load-shedding in South Africa. And the year is not over yet. Wright’s data, gathered from the Eskom data...