1. LazyLion

    JMPD recording Name and ID No at road block - "Not a Fine"

    So I got pulled over this morning on the M19 under the Heidelberg Road Bridge near the Market. JMPD officer checked my driver's licence, vehicle licence and brakes. She then used my Driver's licence to record my name and ID number onto a clipboard and some kind of register. When I asked her...
  2. jes

    Gauteng motorists dodge tolled routes: JMPD

    Gauteng motorists dodge tolled routes: JMPD Traffic was heavy on Johannesburg roads on Wednesday morning as motorist continued to avoid provincial tolled highways, Johannesburg metro police said.
  3. McT

    JMPD = Why are they manning working traffic lights?

    This both an immense pain in the butt and joke all at the same time. Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) are manning working traffic lights; not the ones that are out of sync and impede smooth flowing traffic, but the ones that are efficiently working. I come into the Joburg...
  4. LazyLion

    Winnie's Bodyguard Testifies

    Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's bodyguard told the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court that Warrant Officer Jannie Odendaal had behaved like 'an apartheid policeman', Beeld reported on Friday. Jacob Monare was testifying on Thursday in the case against Odendaal and Constable Abel Twala, who are...
  5. M

    Received AARTO notice from JMPD while driving a company vehicle...

    So I received an AARTO notice driving a company vehicle. I drove 106 in a 80km zone. This was on the M2 near the Selby off-ramp in Joburg. The JMPD, seeing that it is a company vehicle decided that R3000 is a fair amount, but they were gracious enough to discount it to R1500. That is a fair...
  6. RazedInBlack

    JMPD To Get 6 New Nissan GT-Rs
  7. PhreakBoy

    Annual donation to JMPD

    Made mine this morning. Got a payfine advice that I have a new fine. Logged in, got message "No admission of gault allowed. Court attendance required". Phoned call centre and got advised to go to the Metro Court in Fox Str. Get there, speak to prosecutor, get sent to JMPD in Loveday...
  8. A

    GPS VS Traffic Radars

    I have been receiving a lot more post from your JMPD since using my GPS Nuvi 250 as my Speedo reader. My understaning was that Garmin reading should be more accurate, As im driving a vehicle with 17 " my Speedo on my Yaris T3 should be incorrect / inconclusive.Can some one please give more...