1. E

    Best Games on the Steam Anime Sale?

    So many titles to choose from . Could you guys give any suggestions? I've been wanting to experiment with anime style games and thought this is the perfect oppurtunity.
  2. Chevron

    Recommend me some JRPGs on PS3

    Almost done with Star Ocean:Last Hope and it's been a blast so far. Anything else similar out there? Something with just as much focus on the narrative. Even though I do enjoy the combat system.
  3. P

    Atelier Rorona on PS3

    For fans of JRPGS, Atelier Rorona from Gust is coming to the English world in Q2 2010. Definately a reason to buy a PS3, together with Tales of Vesperia and additional characters that XBOX version does not have - this is a good duo.
  4. D

    DarKWateR's most wanted upcoming Xbox games

    Well the title might seem "exclusive" to Xbox 360 orientated but it's basically just the list of games I'm looking forward to playing on my console so here goes... Fallout - New Vegas Not much as known about this title but if it's even close to Fallout 3 I'm sold. According to the developers...