1. Project_Balance

    Front End Developer - data driven web applications

    This is an opportunity to have a huge impact on the design of deliverables and work with a dynamic US-based company. We work in a casual and supportive work environment. We are looking for talented individuals to work in East London, South Africa. However if your skills meet the needs of the...
  2. J

    JavaScript developer (ReactJS)

    JavaScript developer - ReactJS | R40k (Craighall Jhb) 4-5 years experience Looking for a JavaScript guru, with experience in ReactJS Nice to have AngularJS JSON Consuming REST APIs Mobile development experience (Cordova / React Native) Up to R40k per month plus quarterly...
  3. J

    JS developer

    We are looking for a strong JavaScript stack developer to join our growing team at Codefunc. 3+ years experience. Exposure to node.js, ember.js, Cordova / PhoneGap would be a distinct advantage. PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  4. B

    VIRUS CRYPTOWALL New variant?

    Hi All, Please check and see if this might be a new variant of the CryptoWall virus? Came in a ZIP folder as a JS. I broke this script with excessive spaces to paste it safely here: v a r llvT='fPugnBcTtwijoJnK ndolp(EfErX,c qfPnF,T zrBnq)Y{j C dvKarrY BwCso h=D HneenwR...
  5. Hackson

    Paper based system to web based system for data collection

    Hi. I am going to be leading a team of 5 fresh from university graduates in the development of a web system from a paper based system. Are the following technologies which I have decided to go with the best? Also I am choosing these because they are the ones that we used at varsity...