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    Linux Kali | USB Wifi dongles compatibility 2018 (monitor & packet injection)

    Hi all Could someone please advise me on a compatible Wifi USB dongle for Linux Kali? when i am saying compatible i mean with functions such as monitor mode and packet injection. I have seen a few threads on this but they are very old and none of the information can be used at present. The...
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    USB Wifi Adapter (Kali Linux)

    Hi there Has anyone got an idea of where I can get a USB Wifi adapter that works well with Kali Linux, it needs to support monitoring and packet injection. I have tried looking for the Alfa AWUS036NHA but no luck. If anyone has any guidance on this I would appreciate it. from JHB...
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    KALI LINUX Tutor Needed

    Im in need of someone who knows KALI LINUX and perhaps looking to earn some extra cash to teach me what they know. Im in JHB "Boksburg" i have all the SW ready and have a basic understanding, but i need some back ground up to speed help.