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    Meltdown Patch Opened Bigger Security Hole on Windows 7

    Meltdown Patch Opened Bigger Security Hole on Windows 7
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    'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign

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    Geeko Child’s Play Tablet Firmware update

    Hello All We have just released our latest firmware update for the Geeko Child’s Play Tablet If you purchase any of the 4000 units between December 2013 and end January 2014 you can update using this link The...
  4. L

    TP-Link ADSL Router (Wireless & ADSL2+)

    Hi There I am looking for any offers on TP-Link ADSL routers? I would prefer 300MBPS wireless. W8968 or W8970 I am in the market for a new one. Please advise. Thank You
  5. R

    Some Linux forums are not as user friendly as their software is.

    In general, as we have seen here, there is a true community going and people are friendly. However, on some distro-specific forums, I have found small-mindedness not in keeping with the spirit of Linux. On some forums, you get reprimanded for using the name of another distro, for instance...
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    Security issue discovered on Exynos-based devices

  7. LazyLion

    Linux needs Windows to run? Lol, click the link to see the actual post in all it's epicness! :D