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    Rental for WiFi tower?

    We are a high site for a wireless internet service provider. They have a couple of dishes on our house and give us free WiFi for my house and my office. They now want to take the dishes off the house and put up a 12m tower in an unused piece of our property. They have offered us an additional...
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    Unfair lease cancellation policy?

    Hello all, I am about to sign a 12 month lease for an apartment rental, but the cancellation clause (particularly 24.2) has given me reason to pause (see below). 24.1 NOTICE IN TERMS OF THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT: Should the LEASE be deemed to be subject to the CPA, the TENANT may cancel this...
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    Lease agreements

    Hello :) so I have a random question about lease agreements, My boyfriend and I are moving to his parents holiday home but his parents live outside of South Africa and we want to write up a lease agreement saying that we live there and our rent is basically being caretakers of the property. can...
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    Deposit when lease cancelled due to breach by owner

    I signed a lease agreement for a property I was supposed to occupy on 1 October 2017. After paying deposit landlord says due to personal reason they cannot grant occupation on that date. We discussed possibilities of moving occupation to 1 November but did not amend the lease to this effect. On...