Lease agreements


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May 15, 2019
Hello :)
so I have a random question about lease agreements, My boyfriend and I are moving to his parents holiday home but his parents live outside of South Africa and we want to write up a lease agreement saying that we live there and our rent is basically being caretakers of the property. can this be done? this was one way that we thought that maybe it would be easier to change our address at the banks and use the lease agreement as proof of address.


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Jan 7, 2007
Yes you can do it. Can google for lease templates.

Essentially the lease must just state:
* Whom the agreement is between
* The address of the property in question
* What the duration of the agreement is
* What the payment terms are, in your case being care takers of the property. With this though, define exactly what is meant my care takers. What you will and will not be responsible for in terms of the property because general care taking, to me, would mean you keep the property and the house in working order ( so anything that breaks would be on your account ).
* Notice period for terminations
* Signed by both parties.

That should be it really as a basic. If any party has additional requirements then that must be added in as well.