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    Is this a fair lease cancellation policy?

    Hi Everyone! I have been looking for an apartment to rent for over a month now and finally managed to find something that suits me. It's the first time I'll be signing the lease as the main tenant (I have been co-signing all this time) and I'm finding the cancellation policy a bit odd. Please...
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    What would be a reasonable cancellation penalty when cancelling a lease agreement early?

    Hey all, I need some help here please, I had a 12 month lease agreement which I had to terminate 2 months early, I gave my landlord almost 3 months notice before the early termination date to get a new tenant. There was zero damage to the place on the handover inspection and my rental and...
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    Agents & Landlords: Tenant enquiring about interest on deposit

    Hi all, Tenant served notice on my residential cottage. Has requested 'statement of deposit, including interest earned'. Lease doesn't cover same and I've never had such a request (for interest payment) before. Is there an obligation (legal, moral, etc.) to pay interest on a cottage deposit...
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    Unfair lease cancellation policy?

    Hello all, I am about to sign a 12 month lease for an apartment rental, but the cancellation clause (particularly 24.2) has given me reason to pause (see below). 24.1 NOTICE IN TERMS OF THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT: Should the LEASE be deemed to be subject to the CPA, the TENANT may cancel this...
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    Estate Agent falsely misrepresented prospective tenant

    Our previous tenant didn`t renew his lease so we had to look for a new tenant. We posted adverts on social media and the property listing websites. We had an agent contact us regarding the cottage being advertised. He said his client had 2 pit bulls, we immediately informed him that we can't...
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    2k admin fees on lease. Reasonable?

    Hi folks, I got a flat to rent in Kempton park and out of the blue the agent told me about a R2000 admin fee that wasn't not advertised on the listing. I brought the issue to their attention but they wouldn't budge. Have I been living under a rock? Is the R2000 justifiable on a R5500 flat.
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    Cancelling a Lease Agreement

    Our current lease agreement states 2 calendar months notice must be given if you want to cancel the lease. We found a property that my wife really likes except the owner wants occupation 1 September. Can we give a weeks notice to cancel our existing lease agreement? What are the consequences...
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    Lease agreements

    Hello :) so I have a random question about lease agreements, My boyfriend and I are moving to his parents holiday home but his parents live outside of South Africa and we want to write up a lease agreement saying that we live there and our rent is basically being caretakers of the property. can...
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    Deposit when lease cancelled due to breach by owner

    I signed a lease agreement for a property I was supposed to occupy on 1 October 2017. After paying deposit landlord says due to personal reason they cannot grant occupation on that date. We discussed possibilities of moving occupation to 1 November but did not amend the lease to this effect. On...
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    Please help with a residence lease contract expiry issue!

    Please help with another residence lease contract expiry issue! So here is the situation: - we're currently tenants with a lease expiring 31 January (which we knew) - we were intent on renewing, we asked 5th of January - the landlord came back yesterday (the 9th), saying unfortunately the...
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    How much notice should I give to vacate accomodation on expiration of my lease

    Contract Details This agreement will run for 3 months from 1 May 2016 to 1 August 2016. A 3 months notice period is in place on cancellation of this agreement , giving the landlord two weeks after tenant vacates to pay back deposit, if no damages or losses were incurred. My question: I...
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    Lease/Rental Agreement Cancellation

    Hi all, I have a question regarding a lease/rental agreement/contract. I have signed the documents but it turns out that I might not be able to rent the property. I have already paid the deposit and the "admin" fees. I am supposed to move in the 1st of February. Now, as far as I know I...
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    Lease Agreement South Africa: should the witness initial a contract?

    Lease Agreement South Africa: should the witness initial a contract? Or just the people who enter into the agreement?
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    Signing an agreement, but Terms and Conditions are online?

    Hi, So Faircape Leasing in Cape Town rents apartments etc. However, their Lease Agreement is 2 pages. The first page is all the details of the property and the people and how much you are paying etc. Second page is signatures and 1 clause that says "by signing, you agree to be bound by the...
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    Advice? Bought house and current tenants refuse to move?

    I need some advice. I bought a town house and my offer to purchase stated that I were to move in 1 Dec 2013. The premises is currently being leased to someone else. But now they refuse to move. I am all packed and nowhere to go. I have to be out by the end of this week in the place that...