1. N

    Status update: Whats on your mind

    So why not say whats on your mind here? Nobody is reading your F@ceb00k status anyway... :whistle: Food is on my mind,
  2. NeonNinja

    Is it me or has Google

    target="_blank" their search results? Opening on new pages/tabs.
  3. R


    How about posting the full articles in the gaming forums instead of links. Tinman usually posts new articles every day but only posts the link, it would be great if you guys posted the entire article as well for those of us who are blocked from entering mygaming at work. i would love to...
  4. copacetic


    Hi fellow denizens of MyBB. I love watching documentaries. I would appreciate any recommendations from any of you. No particular subject either, anything interesting will do. Thanks.
  5. H

    Cool stuff

    I browse a lot of link aggregator sites & find lots of cool stuff and I want a place to post them without creating a bazzillion threads. I'll start with the aggregator sites themselves as some probably want to go straight to the source:
  6. LazyLion

    Advertising in Forum Signatures Policy

    Dear Company Representative: Thank you for your inquiry via Personal Message regarding the use of my Signature Space for the promotion of your company. According to their stated Policy, MyADSL does not allow advertising in forum threads and posts. Should you wish to advertise on the...
  7. allen5924

    Photography Sites / Blogs

    Hi Everyone, Do any of you guys have photography sites or blogs that I can follow? Even if it's a Flickr or DeviantART etc gallery, let's see them! My links: DeviantART (most art here), Flickr, Wordpress Blog, Blogger Blog, CarbonMade etc... Post yours here!!
  8. DA-LION-619

    Quickshare Links

    We all know about quickshare but not about the downloads so when you upload something put the link here and info on what it is
  9. D

    Great site to watch TV series online!

    Howzit guys I found this great site and thought I'd share it with everyone, it gives you links to watch the latest tv series, don't watch through megavideo as they charge..