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    KALI LINUX Tutor Needed

    Im in need of someone who knows KALI LINUX and perhaps looking to earn some extra cash to teach me what they know. Im in JHB "Boksburg" i have all the SW ready and have a basic understanding, but i need some back ground up to speed help.
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    How to force MyGica T230 USB TV tuner for dvb-t2

    I recently bought a MyGica / Geniatech T230 USB TV tuner. I installed the software it came with on Windows XP computer as it doesn't seem to work on Windows 10 even though I have the latest drivers from support team. My end goal is to run it in my Linux server but want to try get the basics...
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    How to watch free digital TV

    I have 2 USB TV tuner sticks (PCTV 292e and Geniatech (Mygica) T230) in my Linux server. I use MUMUDVB to stream channels to other devices (Android TV box, smart TV, smart phone, etc.) but it only does 1 stream per hardware device (i.e. SABC channels are on 1 frequency and etv is on another...
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    Wanted: Unwanted used/new computers/parts/laptops

    I am looking for unwanted computer's,parts and laptops, either new or old. I want to refurbish them, install free linux OS systems and give them to underprivileged people/schools and communities. I am not looking to charge or be charged. I am looking to gain experience in setting up...
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    Linux n00b

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to try out libux for awhile now. What should i know before installing and where can i get info on everything i need to go from noob to pro. also which distro is the best one to use?