1. ICE3X

    Ice Cubed cryptocurrency exchange ( - info and updates

    Hi guys, Just starting a thread here to post updates and info to keep people updated on this platform with things relating to the iceCUBED exchange ( Not everyone is on our facebook page or our twitter, so in future will post important status updates here too. I am not...
  2. W

    Best exchange for Litecoin, IOTA & Ripple

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend the best exchange for purchasing Litecoin, IOTA and Ripple in SA. What is the best method for achieving this in SA? I expect it will involve an sending BTC to a global exchange to further purchase the above 3 currencies. There seems to be plenty dodgy exchanges...
  3. S

    Importing Miners into South Africa

    I managed to buy an Antminer L3 from Bitmain in the rare 10 minutes that they actually have stock every other week and will have it dispatched from China in the next two weeks. Has anyone done this before and know the process? I'll be using FedEx for the shipment. Some of the things that I...
  4. W

    Where to buy USB asic miners in south africa?

    I would like to do some mining (bitcoin or altcoin, or both), but I don't know where to buy USB asic miner hardware locally. I can't affort the full-on asic hardware as sold by, I'm looking for something like the gekkoscience usb miner. Does anyone know where I can find these...