1. K

    Best Tailors/Suit Makers in Cape Town

    Hi Please could someone advise as to the best tailors/suit makers in Cape Town? I am looking for a luxury, high quality suit, whereby budget is not an issue. It need not be a tailor with a fantastic website etc, just one who makes truly incredible suits. Thanks
  2. N

    Luxury Console Lan Gaming Lounge

    Hi all, I am in development with opening a luxury LAN gaming lounge for console gamers exclusively. This is going to be a luxury set up where gamers can play xbox and playstation on flatscreens and recliner couches. There will be several gaming stations with a flatscreen for one or two...
  3. L

    Container Homes, Can it work in South Africa?

    Seen some fabulous pictures of container homes (apparently very cost effective in some countries) Does it work in South Africa? Can it work in South Africa? Has anyone tried it out? Does something sounding like a low-cost luxury container home estate make sense? Or is that just an...
  4. LazyLion

    Charges Sought over $4 Million Ferrari, Lamborghini Pile Up

    Police in Japan said Monday they want to charge 10 drivers over a $4 million, multi-car pileup involving eight Ferraris, one Lamborghini and a Mercedes-Benz. The chain-reaction smash in December 2011 occurred when a convoy of expensive sports cars were on a freeway in Shimonoseki in western...
  5. D

    Royalty doesn’t come cheap for SA taxpayers * That makes 12 kings by my count, not 11. By the way, despite all the money and benefits these Kings receive, they don't get a "full package" salary - look at this: Time to re-prioritize your budget, King! :p