1. W

    Wondernet Youtube peformance?

    Anyone here using Wondernet (Seacom, Macrolan)? After upgrading to 1000/100mbps I started streaming Youtube in 4k since I have a ridiculous speed for 1 user. Since then (quite a few weeks) there are times (usually around 7pm) where they have trouble giving a smooth stream. I have seen 1080p...
  2. N

    Octotel CPT packet loss+slow speeds

    I am based in Parklands with Seacom internet. I have a 100/25Mbps line and for the last 9 months i have had lovely internet. This evening however I found myself with 5% packet loss and unable to get even 10Mbps download. Traceroute shows that the packet loss is on hop 1 from my router, so either...
  3. jes

    Free WiFi in Camps Bay

    Free WiFi in Camps Bay Skyrove, in partnership with MacroLan and Cafe Caprice, announced the launch of free Wi-Fi for Camps Bay