mark levy

  1. Jan

    Blue Label's big Cell C bet that destroyed R16 billion in shareholder value

    Blue Label bet big on Cell C — and lost big Blue Label Telecoms’ decision to buy Cell C has destroyed billions in shareholder value, but it has not deterred the company from pumping more money into the mobile operator. Blue Label’s journey with Cell C started in August 2017 when its...
  2. Jan

    South Africa's best-paid telecoms CEO

    Best paid telecoms CEO in South Africa The best-paid telecoms CEO in South Africa is MTN Group's Ralph Mupita, who received a salary package of R84.2 million rand over the 2020/21 financial year (FY). Mupita's pay for the year was almost R17 million more than the next-highest paid telecom CEO...
  3. Jan

    Suveer Ramdhani's journey from Seacom to BluNOVA - and his tech choices

    Suveer Ramdhani — From building Seacom to creating a new AI engine Former Seacom executive Suveer Ramdhani is one of South Africa's unsung heroes who played a pivotal role in making uncapped broadband possible. Ramdhani's professional journey started at Eskom as a project manager after...
  4. Jan

    Blue Label's long road to earn back investor trust after Cell C fiasco

    Blue Label's long road back after R16 billion value destruction Poor management decisions, fraud by senior executives, and Cell C’s delayed recapitalisation have destroyed R16 billion in shareholder value and caused the market to lose trust in co-CEOs Brett and Mark Levy. Blue Label’s results...
  5. Jan

    Blue Label Telecoms cagey about fraud uncovered at subsidiary

    Secrecy around fraud at Blue Label Telecoms There is a veil of secrecy around a multi-million-rand fraud scheme that was uncovered at Blue Label Telecoms. The company alerted shareholders in its latest financial results announcement about a fraudulent scheme that had operated at a subsidiary...
  6. rpm

    Mark Levy

    Mark Levy graduated with a BCompt degree from UNISA in 1993. After initially taking up a position as a commodity trader, Mark decided to pursue his goal of becoming an entrepreneur in earnest and has spent the past several years spearheading Blue Label Telecoms’ impressive growth and...