matric results

  1. PrimeSteak

    Applying to universities with only your statement of results

    Hey guys, so I was wondering, is it possible to use your statement of results to apply to universities? I matriculated last year and of course got my statement of results, but I haven't got my actual Matric Certificate yet. I don't even know when we are going to get it because it is already...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Matric results 2015 – where to get them online

    Matric results 2015 – where to get them online The matric results for the class of 2015 will be released by the Department of Education on 5 January.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Easiest, most difficult matric subjects

    Easiest and most difficult matric subjects Not all matric passes are the same, and it is no surprise which matric subjects have the lowest pass rates
  4. QuintonB

    Matric results: where to find them online

    Where to get your matric results online There are many ways to get your matric results on your phone, or view them online when they are released