1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Questionable COVID-19 vaccines being sold for R7,000 on the dark web

    Questionable COVID-19 vaccines being sold for R7,000 on the dark web Cybersecurity company McAfee has warned that an increasingly high number of questionable COVID-19 vaccines and illicit proof of vaccination cards are being sold on the dark web. McAfee said its research showed that COVID-19...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    John McAfee sues to use his name

    John McAfee sues to use his name John McAfee, the creator of McAfee antivirus software, is suing Intel for the right to use his name for future ventures.
  3. Jan

    John McAfee glad Intel renamed McAfee anti-virus

    McAfee glad for anti-virus rename John McAfee has said that he is glad for the announcement that Intel will change the name of the anti-virus software that bears his name.
  4. MyDraadloos

    Vodacom Protect App

    I think you might have rolled out this product before having done sufficient testing. When registering app on phone you are asked to create a numeric PIN. Logging into the web that PIN won't work as the web login or registration requires an alphanumeric password. I had to figure out a work...
  5. jes

    How to uninstall McAfee antivirus [NSFW] - crazy video from the man himself! Bath salts and booty: watch a drug-fueled John McAfee uninstall his antivirus software | The Verge
  6. J

    McAfee is broke after leaving Belize

    McAfee has “nothing” after fleeing Belize John McAfee, the anti-virus pioneer, has claimed that he has nothing, after leaving all his possessions in Belize
  7. J

    McAfee's legal appeals buy him time

    McAfee buys himself some time John McAfee’s legal appeals has won him respite in Guatemala
  8. J

    McAfee arrested in Guatemala

    McAfee detained by Guatemalan police John McAfee has been detained by the Guatemalan police police after entering the country illegally as he evades the US authorities
  9. J

    McAfee seeks political asylum in Guatemala

    McAfee looks to seek asylum in Guatemala Software guru John McAfee has said that he will seek political asylum in Guatemala
  10. J

    John McAfee starts a blog

    McAfee starts blog while evading police Anti-virus pioneer diarises his controversial situation in Belize
  11. J

    John McAfee is a "complex man"

    McAfee’s life in “pirate heaven” John McAfee’s life in Belize is a far cry from his days as an anti-virus software innovator, as he is now being pursued by the police over a murder inquisition
  12. J

    McAfee is “bonkers” - Belize PM

    McAfee called “bonkers” by Belize PM John McAfee has been called “bonkers” by the Belize Prime Minister after the anti-virus software developer’s comments regarding the local police’s murder inquiry
  13. jes

    Malware passes 75 million unique samples

    Malware passes 75 million unique samples Malicious Sites Nearly Double, while Android Becomes a Fresh Target
  14. jes

    Intel purchases McAfee

    Intel purchases McAfee Intel Corporation has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire McAfee, Inc, for $7.68 billion
  15. K

    Rogue McAfee update paralyses PCs So much for QC. The article mentions that some business actually shut down until the problem is sorted out and that it basically brought Intel to a standstill. Probably put a dent into McAfee's share price...
  16. gregmcc

    McAfee DAT 5958 pattern kills XP SP3 machines

    Thought this would be serious enough to cross post from the Network & Security thread. If your running McAfee VirusScan you had better stop pull/replication tasks. Pattern 5958 picks up...