1. Honey Badger

    Cape Town Meet - June 2019

    Let's get going. Vote! 29 June 2019 at 14:00 Confirmed: @The_Mowgs @EMAM @Thor @WAslayer @aleksandar @SauRoNZA @spiderz @Synstalker @Flarsiep @Safyrbleu @ginggs @Wasabee! @irBosOtter @carstensdj @akescpt d7e7r7 @theratman @smi Tentative: @cbrunsdonza @ArtyLoop @RickMaver47 @Gordon_R @genetic...
  2. H

    Online Dating for Horse or Wine Lovers

    So we recently started a new online community. :love: The focus is to bring people together that likes or is involved in Horses or Wine. As the website is still relatively new our Subscriber base is still small. But unlike most dating websites we absolutely refuse to load any Fake Profiles...
  3. S

    ***myBB Cape Town Meet - 24 March 2012***

    Post last edited on 20 March 2012, 14:30 Jis! You know the deal! Please note that we're now only going to be at &Union as opening times for SkyBar has changed. ------------------------- Where and When! 24 March 2012 andUnion @ 15h00 Address: 110 Bree Street, Cape Town Central...
  4. NeonNinja

    How did you meet and how it happened

    Just as the title says; How did you guys as a couple meet and how it happened? Is she your first, second? You married her? We go to the same church, never explicitly asked her out, it just happened. Been dating her for 5 years.
  5. S

    MyBBCT Meet 28 May 2010

    Whaddup. This one's overdue so let's get it sorted and get your name in here baby! :D Venue: De Ouwe Klok @ Vlottenburg Link: Map: Here or Here Time: 7pm Theme: Tried and trusted bring and braai/drink(s) This venue certainly is picturesque and thanks to...
  6. S

    MyBBCT Next Meet.

    Shall we walk down this road again? You all got ideas or do I need to thumbsuck something again? (With assitance) :p Actually wouldn't mind Silvermine again. Let's get those juices flowing. I'm available for the following dates as my shifts are currently running: 26/28 February...
  7. morkhans

    MyBB CPT Meet - Cape Town

    Hidy Ho Capies! :D Time for our next meet. Seeing as the last one was out in the sticks, this one will be closer to home. Venue: Col'Cacchio, Cape Town Date: Tuesday 5 May 2009, 19:00 for 19:30 Info: Venue Details and Map Please RSVP in the thread or drop me a PM. Who's coming: Morkhans +1...
  8. S

    Suggestions for the end of year MyBB CT Meet!

    Drop them in here. I think we ought to keep it in the same vain and finish the year off with a bash of note! This past year has seen very successful events and I hope we can finish the year off in the same fashion. If weather permits, I'm obviously in the mood for a braai and drinks. A...