1. G

    Problems installing Autopage Cellular Cell C ZTE MF190

    I am having major problems installing my husband's and my new Autopage Cellular Cell C 24 GB promotional ZTE MF190 modem and getting the whole incompatible thing to work. That red eye-like light on the modem is the most I've ever had from it. We have a laptop running Windows Vista Home Basic...
  2. I

    CellC - ZTE Modems Now Available

    Looks like Cell C is now selling the ZTE modems. Catch is that the ZTE modems does not work on the Hauwei router. Got two sticks one router. One sticky work on router other one not? Any solutions Cell C? EDIT: Updated Drivers:
  3. morkhans

    3G/HSPA/LTE Routers

    I'm going to try and collect all router information here about what people have got working. If you get a router working please post the model, firmware and any tricks you needed to make things work. Also post the model of the Cell C modem you have and if things like SMS / USSD is supported...
  4. ginggs

    MDMA [does Connection Management & USSD & Monitors Signal Strength - Windows]

    I wrote this software to show more information than the provided dashboard. Specifically I was looking for cell info (Cellular Broadcast Messages), signal strength (in more detail than 5 graphical bars) and to distinguish between GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA. I only intended this program to be a...