microsoft exchange

  1. Jan

    ToddyCat has quietly been taking control of Microsoft Exchange servers since December 2020

    Stealth hack infiltrates Microsoft Exchange servers Microsoft Exchange servers across Europe and Asia have been targetted by advanced persistent threat actors since around December 2020, Bleeping Computer reports. Researchers have identified the group behind the threat as ToddyCat.
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Microsoft Exchange emails stuck due to year-change bug

    Microsoft Exchange emails stuck due to year-change bug Microsoft said a problem related to the changeover to the new year was causing some email messages to become stuck on its Exchange platforms. [Bloomberg]
  3. M

    Microsoft exchange log viewer

    any exchange experts here? i've always seen the exchange logs but never bothered to investigate them to see what is really going on there, anybody know of a good exchange log viewer?
  4. Z

    Exchange Online vs Hosted Exchange

    Hi Guys - Making a decision on a small company - currently about 20 mailboxes, using plain pop email. I have recently used traditional Hosted Exchange at another client - which works a treat with Outlook. Main reason considering this new Exchange Online from Microsoft is A) Cost - $4 per...
  5. M

    Microsoft Exchange Alternatives

    Hi Guys We are currently using Google Apps for our business e-mail. We have reached the 50 user limit and we are currently looking at Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange is very expensive. I am looking for an alternative ? Any suggestions help would be appreciated. Tx