1. Chiller89

    2008 VW Golf CitiStorm - Low Mileage

    Make/Brand: VW Citi Storm (Golf Mk1) Color: Blue Year: 2008 Odometer reading: +-80900km Warranty: None Service history: Serviced regularly the entire time I have had it, +- every 10000km. I have proof of the last service done. Condition: Excellent Condition Extras: Alarm, Central Locking...
  2. LazyLion

    Testers welcomed - FleetCapture Android App for SARS Mileage Tax recording

    Howzit Guys: A friend of mine has released an Android App to the Google Play market. Please download if you think this may be useful to...
  3. Rouxenator

    The 200,000+ km thread

    Never thought I would ever own a car that has more than 100,000km on the clock but a few days ago my 2001 Astra reached 200,000km. I know there are a few other folks here that have high mileage runners in daily use and though it would be nice to have a show and tell thread. So lets see those...
  4. Rouxenator

    Longest time your car has gone between fuel fill ups.

    I filled up my car three weeks and one day ago. For some strange reason I get this sense of satisfaction with every day that passes and I do not have to fill it up. This weekend the fuel light came on so if I cycle to work every day of this week then I'll only have to fill it up next week...
  5. powermzii

    Cruise control and fuel consumption

    I have done a search but haven't been able to find an answer - Does using cruise control on long journeys lead to improved fuel consumption? I know the manufacturers might say yes but what have normal users on the road found?