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    3G/4G MTN Mobile Data from R59pm

    Hi MyBroadband users, We are excited to announce that we have officially launched our 3G/4G LTE MTN data from R59pm! - Data is offered at up to 50% cheaper than direct from MTN. - Pricing is not promotional and does not expire, it is...
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    Which way to go, ADSL + Mobile, Calls & Data ?

    Hi All, Over time we have become a bit like an injured Octopus with Internet/Call services. Time for Clean Up. At home in Observatory Jhb. I have Telkom ADSL 4/10 service, Max speed available 2.2 Mbps. Contract expired ! 2x Vodacom Huawei 3G Mobile Wi Fi 500 MB per month Using one now as...
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    8-TA/Telkom Mobile = AMAZINGNESS

    Good day i would like to send out this thread to recommend 8ta's mobile broadband service, i recently took up their 20Gig special and getting amazing download and upload speeds. like yesterday i reached 12Mbps download and 4Mbps upload.. obviously the area you live in makes a difference but give...
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    NeoGo Data service in Chartwell

    Hi, I am moving to Chartwell North, looking at NeoGo service, claims up to 3,1 Mbps, looking for user feedback?