Which way to go, ADSL + Mobile, Calls & Data ?


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Apr 30, 2012
Hi All,
Over time we have become a bit like an injured Octopus with Internet/Call services. Time for Clean Up.

At home in Observatory Jhb. I have Telkom ADSL 4/10 service, Max speed available 2.2 Mbps. Contract expired !

2x Vodacom Huawei 3G Mobile Wi Fi 500 MB per month Using one now as Telkom Line has been down for 5 days !!

What are we running, 1 top end PC Desktop, 2 Laptops ( Dell N5110).
Galaxy S4 Smartphone, 1 Asus Google Nexus 7 Wi Fi + 4G/LTE, Back up 1 iphone 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7"

Home Network via TP Link Router/Modem 1 X Laser printer + Inkjet (Canon)

The Galaxy S4 is on a Vodacom SMART L Contract , 250 mins, 500mb, p.m. No other contracts.

On Mobiles we need country wide coverage ! Total Data usage p.m. about 8 GB, At home I need uptime, stability and speed.
The nearby building has an iBurst Dist. tower + MTN Tower. iBurst to slow and erratic.

What should I do ???? including new SIM + Phone + Data for Google Tab

Tim the Techxpert

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Jul 19, 2012
Hi There,
I would go with the Telkom option. That area of JHB is well established and while the cabling may be old it is probably more reliable than what is in other newer areas.
It is also going to be I believe your cheapest option to consider too.
For the mobile coverage MTN has national coverage for you.