1. Jamie McKane

    Makate wants R10 billion from Vodacom

    Makate wants R10 billion from Vodacom The legal battle between Kenneth Makate and Vodacom over compensation for his Please Call Me idea has taken another turn with Makate demanding far more money from Vodacom. The Sunday Times reported that Makate approached the North Gauteng High Court to...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom plans to turn off 2G in South Africa

    Vodacom plans to turn off 2G in South Africa A lack of spectrum available to South African mobile networks forces them to optimise and "re-farm" their existing resources to improve their offerings, and the legacy 2G network is a major obstacle to this process. Speaking at a media event in...
  3. C

    Vodacom cancellation hassles

    Has anyone else had a problem cancelling business services with Vodacom? I am trying to cancel some of our corporate services. I have written to vbs.admin@vodacom.co.za and attached a signed letter from our directors along with a directors ID, as required. I then receive a reference number...
  4. Jamie McKane

    MTN's plan to take on Vodacom

    MTN's plan to take on Vodacom MTN is planning to take on Vodacom by building a better network, ensuring a great customer experience, and offering competitive products. This is the word from MTN Group CEO Rob Shuter, who told Business Day TV that the operator's vision for its South African...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom launches 80GB data deal

    Vodacom launches 80GB data deal Vodacom has launched its latest “Red Hot Dealz”, offering big discounts on large SIM-only data bundles on a 24-month contract. Vodacom is offering an 80GB data package, consisting of 50GB anytime data and 30GB Night Owl data, for R299 per month.
  6. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom stole my airtime - This is what happened

    Vodacom stole my airtime - This is what happened South African mobile operators recently implemented new out-of-bundle (OOB) data depletion systems to comply with ICASA's new regulations, which require that customers opt-in to OOB data usage. These new systems are still prone to error...
  7. Jamie McKane

    Why Vodacom is losing data customers

    Why Vodacom is losing data customers Vodacom released a trading update for the quarter ended 30 June 2019, which revealed that the company added 608,000 customers in South Africa over the quarter. Despite the growth in subscribers, Vodacom South Africa’s service revenue declined by 1.2% to...
  8. T

    Are VCSA Smart contracts billed per second?

    I'm looking at a Smartphone's s plus contract for the gate intercom at the complex. Ideally the plan should ne biller per second however VC give no indication of the billing used. Does anyone know if its per second? https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/shopping/plans/smart-s-plus
  9. M

    ***Shocking fraud through Vodacom***

    I hope im posting this at the right category, if not, kindly advice. Hi guys, The craziest thing happed with me yesterday! My Vodacom sim got deactivated without my consent and criminals activated and used my WhatsApp to ask and got money from most of my contacts. Please see below the...
  10. F

    Did Vodacom deceited clients in a cunning manner?

    Obviously I don't have the ability to investigate this but maybe Mybroadband or somebody else can investigate? Vodacom 20gb day and 20gb night package for past year where data expire end of the next month. When I checked my data usuage today, I noticed that the expiration date is now 1 month...
  11. Jamie McKane

    Why people say Vodacom and MTN are too expensive

    Why people say Vodacom and MTN are too expensive While the ultimate goals of #DataMustFall were misguided and its origins dubious, the sentiment that spurred it on was genuine. South Africans feel ripped off by their cellular service operators and want a change. Research from adjunct professor...
  12. L

    Vodacom numbers cant get thru to me (telkom)

    Hi there. Could anyone please assist me. I am having issues with various people that cant get through to me from their vodacom numbers. Its says the number u have failed does not exist but when calling from another network it comes through. I have spoken to the call centre and visited Cape...
  13. JohnBerg

    Vodacom 20GB deal for R199x24months

    So I recently decided to buy into this Vodacom deal , saw the advert on facebook and signed up , received a phone call from one of their agents and the got all my details and verbally said the price being R199 , so I got it all set up and have internet now. I decided to log in and make an...
  14. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom vs MTN in Kimberley

    Vodacom vs MTN in Kimberley MyBroadband recently tested the mobile network quality in Kimberley as part of its countrywide mobile network testing project. The MyBroadband mobile network testing project is conducted in partnership with Afristay and Huawei Mobile Devices and provides a...
  15. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom launches new range of IoT gadgets

    Vodacom launches new range of IoT gadgets Vodacom recently launched its new suite of consumer IoT devices and software, which it presented at Vodaworld in Midrand on 10 July. “We’ve built a complete end to end connected solution,” said Vodacom's executive head of consumer IoT, Saloshni Muthal.
  16. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom "secret" Red Hot Deals launched

    Vodacom "secret" Red Hot Deals launched Vodacom has launched a new “Red Hot Deal” promotion, where it offers big price cuts on large data bundles at its brick-and-mortar stores. While the Red Hot Deal promotion is included in Vodacom’s latest booklet, details about the promotion are kept...
  17. NinTniN

    V-Home Safety Starter Kit

    Does anyone have any info regarding this service by Vodacom. I don't see any pricing anywhere on their website, but it is advertsised all over TV. https://www.vodacom.co.za/vodacom/services/v-by-vodacom/v-home-safety-starter-kit
  18. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom launches new payment app in South Africa

    Vodacom launches new payment app in South Africa Vodacom has launched its new VodaPay Masterpass mobile app in South Africa, which uses Mastercard's global digital payment service to facilitate tokenised bank card payments. The app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App...
  19. M

    Issues with FreeMe LIT bundles on Telkom-Vodacom roaming

    Good day all Is anyone else experiencing data issues with the new Telkom-Vodacom seamless roaming agreement? Previously with MTN roaming, I was able to enjoy my LIT packages without issue. Now it seems like when seamlessly roaming on Vodacom, their systems prefer normal data to LIT data. As a...
  20. I

    Missing items from vodacom delivery

    I am genuinely fed up with this service provider now after making an upgrade online exactly a month ago I realized that there were items missing from my delivery and I contacted vodacom but to no surprise I was sent back and fourth. After over 15 phone calls over 10 live chats and 5 emails I am...