1. Jan

    Vodacom quietly shut down Video Play

    Vodacom quietly kills off video streaming service Vodacom has quietly pulled the plug on its on-demand video streaming service, Video Play. MyBroadband learnt of the service's shutdown from a disappointed Video Play user over the weekend.
  2. Jan

    South Africa's cellular operators ready to move out of Covid-19 lockdown spectrum

    Mobile operators on track to migrate out of emergency spectrum South African mobile operators are on track to migrate out of their emergency spectrum assignments and start using the frequencies they bought at auction in March. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa)...
  3. Jan

    Telkom and Vodacom on the impact of stage 6 load-shedding

    Stage 6 load-shedding bad news for South Africa's cellular networks Eskom’s stage 6 load-shedding will worsen the negative impact South Africa’s cellular networks already felt under lower levels of power cuts, Telkom and Vodacom have said. “Load-shedding has a negative impact on our network...
  4. Jan

    South Africa's most popular ISP

    South Africa's preferred ISPs revealed Analytico's 2022 South African Broadband and ISP Brand Report revealed that Afrihost is South Africa's most preferred ISP, followed by Telkom, Mweb, Cool Ideas, and Vodacom. The report is based on survey responses from 5,973 South African broadband...
  5. Jan

    Top wired and portable LTE routers for sale in South Africa

    The best wired and portable LTE routers you can buy in South Africa While fibre connectivity is arguably the most cost-effective way to access the Internet in South Africa, it is not yet available to everyone in the country. Those without fixed broadband coverage, or who require a mobile...
  6. Jan

    Vodacom claims to have South Africa's best network - but it doesn't

    Damning evidence against Vodacom's network claim Vodacom claims it has the "best quality network" in South Africa, but research backed by the operator itself shows that MTN reigns supreme. On 21 June, Vodacom sent a press statement claiming to have the "best quality network" in South Africa.
  7. Jan

    "We can't leave South Africa's fate in the hands of profit-driven network operators"

    South Africa getting state digital infrastructure company — with a new spectrum policy Communications minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has announced that the South African government plans to give radio frequency spectrum to a state digital infrastructure company. Ntshavheni’s announcement adds a...
  8. B

    Ported my Number to Vodacom & I can't receive Calls

    Assistance needed please. I ported my number from FNB Connect to Vodacom two weeks ago. When people call my number from all networks they get a message that the number does not exist. Even SMSes do not get delivered. However, I can phone and send text messages. Logged a call with Vodacom...
  9. Jan

    South Africa's weak rand hurts cellular contract prices

    South Africa's weak rand hurts cellular contract prices Foreign exchange rates directly impact the cost of devices from international manufacturers, causing South African operators to increase phone contract prices if the rand weakens. This is because device manufacturers are primarily based...
  10. Jan

    Vodacom's plans to expand 5G coverage

    Vodacom's big 5G plans — including a R11 billion network investment Vodacom plans to spend at least R11 billion this year to enhance its network infrastructure, including providing 5G coverage to more parts of the country. It currently has 5G network coverage in all of South Africa's...
  11. Jan

    Why South African mobile operators throttle uncapped mobile data

    Uncapped mobile broadband in South Africa — why networks throttle your connection Running truly uncapped mobile broadband services is a tricky business, as the spectrum assigned to each mobile operator can only translate into a certain amount of data bandwidth, hence the need for fair usage...
  12. Jan

    Mobile network operator Capex comparison

    Vodacom and MTN networks get big upgrades while Telkom plays catchup Vodacom and MTN are aggressively competing for the crown of best mobile network in South Africa, while Telkom is busy playing catch up, and Cell C is getting left behind. Capital expenditure (capex) indicates how much...
  13. Jan

    Terms and conditions reading length compared - Telkom vs Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Rain

    It takes 3 hours to read Telkom's T&Cs If you want to read Telkom, Vodacom, Cell C, or MTN’s terms and conditions before you sign up for a service, it can take up to 3 hours. Mobile network operators have comprehensive terms and conditions (T&Cs) linked to their data and voice products.
  14. Jan

    Cost to cancel a Vodacom contract

    How much it costs to cancel a contract with Vodacom There could be several reasons why you might want to cancel your phone contract, such as needing a new handset and being tied into your previous agreement or being unhappy with the service provided by your mobile operator. However, it is...
  15. Hanno Labuschagne

    DRC wants Vodacom and other mobile operators to pay yearly R2.8-billion levy

    DRC wants Vodacom and other mobile operators to pay yearly R2.8-billion levy The Democratic Republic of Congo has ordered mobile-phone companies operating in the African nation to pay a levy estimated at about $180 million (R2.78 billion) a year, people with knowledge of the matter said. The...
  16. Jan

    South Africa's two 5G router options compared

    These are the two 5G routers you can buy in South Africa Mobile network operators in South Africa such as Rain, MTN, and Vodacom have been working on expanding their 5G accessibility in the country, and their fixed wireless access packages often include a compatible router. However, South...
  17. Jan

    No increase in DDoS attacks in South Africa

    Denial of service attack frequency in South Africa unaffected by war in Ukraine The prevalence of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in South Africa has remained unchanged despite Secure List by Kaspersky reporting a 46% increase in DDoS attacks during the first quarter of 2022...
  18. Jan

    Viu South Africa and Vodacom launch Viu Premium subscription with recurring video data bundles

    Vodacom and Viu launch video streaming bundles Viu South Africa has teamed up with Vodacom to offer customers Viu Premium subscriptions with Vodacom video data bundles. When signing up for Viu, subscribers will get the Viu Premium subscription plus mobile data at no additional cost.
  19. Hanno Labuschagne

    Vodacom versus MTN — Data contract shootout

    Vodacom versus MTN — Data contract shootout MTN’s Data SIM contracts are cheaper than Vodacom’s in most cases and also offer customers better bonuses, a MyBroadband comparison shows. Vodacom and MTN hiked their data contract prices earlier this year, prompting MyBroadband to compare the two...
  20. Jan

    MTN retains its position as the most valuable brand in Africa

    MTN keeps crown as most valuable brand in Africa MTN is still the most valuable brand in Africa, according to Brand Finance's Africa 150 report for 2022. The report revealed that the mobile network operator's brand value had reached $4 billion (R63 billion), and its Mobile Money application...