1. Jamie McKane

    What South Africans paid for Internet in 2000

    What South Africans paid for Internet in 2000 South Africa has made tremendous strides over the last 20 years with a competitive broadband market and world-class fibre and mobile networks. To appreciate how far the country’s telecoms market has come, it is valuable to turn to clock back two...
  2. M

    HUAWEI B535 RAIN network HELP

    Just got my Huawei B535 router and RAIN Sim, speeds are around 1-7mbps. I am running an ethernet Cat6 cable from the router to my system. I think my router is set on 1800mhz, is there any adjustments I can do for this router to increase speeds or move it to 2600mhz? I have full signal at all...
  3. Sharkssmart1

    South Coast Fibre - Scottburgh, KZN

    Yes, I know a thread revolving in that part of KZN exists (; but from the looks of it, Openserve is completely live in Renishaw, Linteg is busy connecting the backbone for a specific area (for now?) if sources...
  4. J

    How to surf the internet in tv box

    Hi guys. I have an ematic tv box and pretty happy with it. One thing I've never figured out was how to browse or surf the internet on it. It has Google LLC loaded into it, but I cannot seem to browse the internet with it. Well, not like you would do on a laptop/desktop/phone Can anyone assist...
  5. M

    What access point can I use to control data usage and bandwith

    Hi I want to provide free internet access at my business for my customers. Is there an access point device that will automatically allocate a data usage cap and control bandwith to every device that connects to the wifi?
  6. PrimeSteak

    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    Hey guys, so it seems like Herotel is going to do the Fibre installations for my town (Oudtshoorn, in the middle of the Klein Karoo) Apparently, they are offering to double your speed if you sign up with them and let them install...
  7. A

    ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A fibre router

    Item name : ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A Age and condition: +2 years, Excellent condition. Never used only open for pictures Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: I have better router that i use Price: R500 Negotiable: No Location: JHB / Benoni Shipping or collection: collection only
  8. M

    How to start reselling Internet: Telkom LTE and MTN LTE

    Hi everyone. So im looking to start a small business in the IT industry and thought that reselling internet can be an added service I offer. Just want to find out where do I start with applying for a resellers account? Can be for other networks aswell(not limited, to Telkom LTE and MTN...
  9. Savy561

    Does SuperSonic provide static ip's by default?

    So I have had fibre for almost 2 years now with supersonic as my ISP and vumatel as the FNO and one thing I have noticed from pretty much my first month of having fibre is that my public IP address has NEVER changed no matter what, I can reboot the cpe, router and so on but for the past almost 2...
  10. Savy561

    Is better to use a custom DNS over the default ISP DND?

    I have never really felt the need to change my default ISP dns settings but lately whenever i see a conversation about dns, it's always better to use a custom dns such as cloudfare's or or even Google's So my question is, is there any real world benefit in changing all...
  11. Sharkssmart1

    Satellite Internet... what's up with that?

    I see big potential into something like that when you look at SpaceX's StarLink program for Satellite Internet (it is like internet without borders in a retrospect) which will accordingly have a maximum speed of almost a gigabit (1000 megabits) a second. I don't know how long it'll be until we...
  12. Anthro

    US officials lay out blueprint for ‘virtually unhackable’ quantum internet

    US officials lay out blueprint for ‘virtually unhackable’ quantum internet Read more:
  13. H

    Is rain throttling my speed?

    Hi. I've been an avid user of the rain product for over six months now. Internet speed, for the most part, has been relatively decent, with rates averaging 15-25 MBs down and 8-14 MBs up. However, during the past month, the internet speeds have drastically dropped, making it very difficult, if...
  14. A

    Anyone have experience with krypton web wireless?

    Looking for get 5mb uncapped, unthrottled for R350 and wanted to know it anyone has it and can let me know if they're good or not
  15. Jamie McKane

    Fibre Internet usage during level 3 lockdown - ISPs respond

    Fibre Internet usage during level 3 lockdown - ISPs respond The national lockdown has meant that South Africans have been using the Internet at much higher rates than before the pandemic began. However, despite the lockdown regulations being lessened to level 3 and more people being able to...
  16. Sharkssmart1

    The BitCo experience presently?

    Does anyone know how well BitCo is these days? Backstory: Currently at WebAfrica and for the last two weeks we have been experiencing a lot of interruptions in speed or connections, and they are not really responsive when it comes to tickets logged. My older brother is suggesting me to jump...
  17. H

    data reseller

    How does one become a data reseller, and which ISP company do you recommend to register with?
  18. Sharkssmart1

    Any constant interruptions in the Roodepoort area?

    I reside in Helderkruin, Roodepoort where the Fibre cables are managed by Vumatel. For the last few weeks there has been constant interruptions with the speed. The speed can drop to 0.03 kbs, or it can disconnect on its own and reconnect out of the blue a few minutes later. I do not know what...
  19. Jamie McKane

    5 tips to easily speed up your home Internet connection

    5 tips to easily speed up your home Internet connection There are few things more frustrating than a slow Internet connection, especially when you are working from home and trying to communicate with colleagues. Slow Internet connection speeds are often linked to problems at your ISP...
  20. B

    Can sites like Reddit see your real IP address when you're behind a proxy?

    I was trying to create a reddit account but didn't want to use my real IP address for it. So when I was trying to find a working proxy I kept refreshing the site to test each one, then when I found one it told me they have been getting too much requests from my computer and I had to wait like...