1. M

    Where can I get an Internet provider without telephone cables?

    I live in a newly developed area and there are no telephone cables but I need Internet. We are a family of 4 and data from vodacom is too expensive. Are there any options
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    What you have to do to make $18,000 a month from home

    What you really have to do to make $18,000 a month from home We’ve all seen the “Earn $18,000 a month from home” adverts online, but what revenue-generating opportunities do these dubious ads actually offer?
  3. W

    FTTH in Mondeor South of JHB

    Any one know who offers FTTH in Mondeor? Seems like they only focused on the north and central JHB... Telkom ADSL is maxed out at 2mbps (dont get near that) so an alternative needs to be found lol.
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    How you connect to the Internet in SA

    How you connect to the Internet in South Africa When your laptop, tablet, or smartphone connects to the Internet, there are many network components involved. Here is how it all works, and how it can be improved.
  5. S

    I want to move away from Afrihost - help me choose a new package

    Hi, Given Afrihost's terrible performance over the last few months, I am looking to move as soon as possible. I am not really buying into (what I deem to be) empty promises again (unless somebody from Afrihost can convince me otherwise). My household currently uses 170 to 200GB per month...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Massive spike in Internet access coming to South Africa

    Massive spike in Internet access coming to South Africa South Africa is forecast to see a massive jump in internet traffic as more people switch to smartphones and other smart devices.
  7. D

    Best Telkom ADSL Options

    Hiya guys, I need some guidance... I recently moved to a new complex with phone cables rolled up outside It seems that the Telkom simple package is no longer available, and all are on a 24-month contract I am currently looking at the "do Premium" package that includes: A Fastest...
  8. C

    Crystal Web ADSL performance feedback thread Part 3...

    This thread is intended for customers to interact directly with Crystal Web staff about the performance of the ADSL network and to post feedback about the performance of the network and accounts. This channel is intended for existing customers to request assistance and to interact with Crystal...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Academics make jump to lightspeed internet

    Academics make jump to lightspeed internet Data and computing initiatives are joining forces to forge a high-speed research network for South Africa.
  10. D

    Powerline Networking

    Hi Guys I'm really interested in getting a TP-link AV500 powerline network adapter. My router is way to far from my TV and PS4, and running Lan will be a hassle as everything is already congested. I have 3 wall plugs open and would really appreciated anyone's feedback who had experience with...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    The 7 most hated Internet inventions

    The 7 most hated Internet inventions of all time This is where pop-up ads, spam, viruses, and cybersquatting started.
  12. QuintonB

    SA cyber security deal with China should worry you: DA

    South Africa’s cyber security deal with China is concerning: DA The recently signed Cyber Security Pact with China is cause for concern about South Africa’s attitude towards restrictions on Internet freedom, the DA says.
  13. W

    Looking for a video calling (pref skype) meeting device

    Hi there everyone, I'm hoping that somebody has gone through this exercise before and will be able to point me in the right direction. Essentially I am looking for a device that I can connect to remotely (over the Internet) and then be able to partake in meetings. Requirements...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Internet access in SA: best and worst provinces

    Internet access in South Africa: best and worst provinces Statistics South Africa’s 2014 General household survey reveals which South African provinces are the best connected.
  15. P

    ADSL problems in Complex

    Good day, I am currently living a complex, but there is no phone line leading into the unit. Phone Telkom to install one and they said I need to get an electrician to install a new feed wire or install the phone line. Got in touch with an electrician and he said he can not install a new...
  16. B

    Loadshedding... Battery Powered Technicolor TG589vn V3 Router

    Hi All! With Eskoms loadsheding I was wondering if it is possible to power the Technicolor TG589vn V3 Router via a 9V battery.:wtf: Must admit I don't know much about power hack jobs but Im sure I can get the parts needed at communica ect. The technical specifications read that the...
  17. B

    Steenberg / Retreat / Allenby [Cape Town] ADSL Down

    Hi guys. My area Steenberg/ Allenby has been with out ADSL or voice [Telkom] since 25th April 2015. I have been following up with them and eventually been told I cant be assisted as my ADSL line is managed by my ISP so I should follow up with them. Although the fault was logged, I was told that...
  18. N

    Community Broadband Help

    I am in the process of investigating broadband opportunities in my area, Petervale West. Our only options currently are Neotel and Telkom ADSL, however our exchange is on the 5km limit so it is extremely unreliable and only offers 4mbit speeds. Unfortunately info on network upgrades/expansion...
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    The year that changed SA’s Internet market

    The year that changed South Africa’s Internet market Many of South Africa’s top Internet businesses were launched in a one year period during the height of the Dot-Com Boom
  20. B

    No wiFi at Night

    Hi, during the day internet & wifi work 100%, but at night I experience wifi connectivity issues - dead slow or non existent. Running a Telkom Pace921VNX Router with Telkom 40mbps VDSL on Apple MacBook Devices connected directly with ethernet cable still work fine, accessing the internet...