1. Ultracrepidarian

    Connected Cars & Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Survey [2-minute]

    There has been a lot of mention that this decade is when self-driving vehicles and connected cars will become mainstream. This survey is just an indication to see whether or not the public is excited for what is currently being developed. May you please leave your thoughts and opinions in the...
  2. J

    Slow Internet speeds set to continue in South Africa

    Slow Internet speeds set to continue in South Africa Following outages on the West Africa Cable System (WACS) and South Atlantic 3 (SAT3) cables yesterday, South Africans have experienced slow speeds when connecting to international websites. WACS is a submarine cable which links South Africa...
  3. B

    Modem loses internet connection when connecting another modem

    Hi. When my brother has his friends over for a lan, they take one of the older modems and connect it to our fibre modem using a lan cable in order to get internet in another room. When he does this, everything on the fibre modem at random intervals loses internet connection. They do not drop...
  4. Z

    Best way to network Apartment buildings?

    Hello all Looking for some insight on what the best way would be to network 7 apartment buildings together... Basically the internal reticulation is easy as there are already conduits with space available. So, switches in the db box and a cable to each apartment. Question is: How to network...
  5. T

    Internet for a farm near East london

    Hey guys, my friend lives on a farm between East London and Cinsta and they have wireless internet from a private provider but their ping is terrible and the download speed fluctuates so much, all they want to be able to do is have good enough ping to be able to game. I'm not sure if anyone...
  6. NinTniN

    Axxess charges me R2164 for their R999 uncapped package

    I'm getting fiber internet (finally) at home a the end of the month. This means I have to cancel my Axxess 20Mbps VDSL Uncapped package (R999). I thought the Telkom part of the cancelling is going to be a mission, but what a surprise I got when trying to cancel my Axxess accounts on Monday 29...
  7. NinTniN

    V-Home Safety Starter Kit

    Does anyone have any info regarding this service by Vodacom. I don't see any pricing anywhere on their website, but it is advertsised all over TV.
  8. S

    WebAfrica Internet usage Tracker pop up window, and no access

    This Webafrica 'Internet Usage Tracker Policy' login window keeps popping up since the start of the month when I try switch over to my WebAfrica connection. I put in you username and password details but it does not accept it and gives me no access. When I switch over to my other ISP connection...
  9. GreatWmR

    Disabling one internet source

    I recently got a dongle to use for gaming my adsl line i can see is network 3 on my pc and the dongle shows up as network 7 now is there a way i can disable say network 3 temporally on my windows 10 pc so that it just uses the dongle for that time being? I've just been plugging out the cable...
  10. S

    Hermanus Internet solution..........?

    Hi everyone/anyone I am moving from a small town in the northern cape to Hermanus(Voëlklip ). My best option was a 4Mbps Adsl line from telkom. I assumed that I would have more and better options in Hermanus, but after a quick look it seem that best option again will be a 4Mbps line from...
  11. Bresder

    Has anyone used a VPN in South Africa?

    I'm looking for a VPN to use or not sure if I should use one. Does it matter which device I use?
  12. A

    Internet Service Provider - George, Dormehls Drift

    Have family members moving to George, Dormehls Drift. Any advice on good ISP's (ADSL, Wireless or Fibre) in the Area? Does not seem if there is fibre in the area yet from what I can tell, but I might be totally mislooking. They are on Telkom currently and would like to stay with them, the...
  13. YourKaptain

    Rain Fixed LTE NAT Changes

    Good day, I have a client with a Hikvision NVR, using Rain's Fixed LTE as their internet connection to the NVR. Now they have been able to successfully access their CCTV System via the internet for more than 8 Months, now since earlier this week, they are no longer able to. I checked and no...
  14. B

    Link africa?

    Has anyone heard of or done dealings with link africa, they are currently installing fiber in edenvale and i am curious as to what people have to say about them.
  15. C

    Fibre in Overport Area

    Anyone has information when we might get fibre in Overport/ Asherville area? I'm on the west side of Brickfield road towards Asherville. In the last month or so, the ADSL connection has been really pathetic (10 mbps, getting closer to 2 mbps). Telkom says there are a lot of cable faults in the...
  16. J

    South Africans spend over a third of their lives online - Study

    South Africans spend over a third of their lives online - Study A new report from Hootsuite and We Are Social shows that the average person spends 6 hours and 42 minutes online per day. This is actually a slight decrease from the 6 hours and 49 minutes that last year's study showed.
  17. J

    Internet legends of South Africa

    Internet legends of South Africa The Internet in South Africa, and the telecommunications sector in general, would have looked very different if it weren’t for passionate techies. South Africa’s history is filled with people who challenged Telkom’s monopoly, for example, and helped drive down...
  18. izakhearn

    Need help with internet in the waterberge

    Greetings I was wondering if anyone here can help me. I need to do internet for a camp that is taking place in the waterberge. I was wondering if you guys could give me recommendation of WISP in the area. We only need the inter net for the duration of the camp. The camp runs from the...
  19. D

    RAIN Fixed wireless throttled

    Hi, Is anyone else having issues with Afrihost fixed wireless being throttled? During peak times I get throttled to 1mbps. That was still useable, but lately it seems like they started balancing usage even more. Now I get 1mbps for 2 minutes, then it stops complety for 30 seconds. This continues...
  20. R

    RICA headaches - WebAfrica Lte deal

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I'm just stupid or if there's something wrong with WebAfrica's approval process for RICA documents, specifically the proof of address. They have this thing where you upload a copy of your ID and proof of address, and I've tried uploading various bank statements and...