1. SoulSlayer24

    WebAfrica internet issues

    So I recently moved onto WebAfrica 200GB capped LTE, and for the first two weeks or so it was fantastic and there were no issues, but then moving into the third week I started experiencing what looked like packet loss at about 6pm till about 10pm. I disconnected my TV and literally everything...
  2. M

    Rain Charged Me R2454.05! ***Resolved*** Happy Client :)

    So, this just happened A few weeks ago i ordered myself the R250 off-peak unlimited data sim from Rain. Upon first registration, on their website i selected the 0 data package and then the R250 off-peak data. For the first month you get 15 days free peak data and 30 days free off-peak data...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Is your primary home Internet connection 10Mbps or faster?

    Is your home Internet connection 10Mbps or faster? What connection do you use?
  4. Jamie McKane

    Very few South Africans have Internet at home

    Very few South Africans have Internet at home Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) released its General Household Survey 2017, which shows that only one-tenth of South African households have access to the Internet at home. The report shows that home Internet access was most prevalent among...
  5. M

    Home Cloud Solutions - Data Usage

    Well, this is a frustrating one. Ever since I signed up with Home Cloud (almost 2 years ago) they've never offered a straightforward solution to verify how much data I have used and I have remaining for the month. They've been saying "we're working on it", and they've given me unreliable methods...
  6. Jamie McKane

    Do you have an Internet connection that is 100Mbps or faster?

    Is your Internet connection 100Mbps or faster?
  7. P

    Need internet in Ballito

    hi guys, im new to the forum, please can someone assist me? im moving into Ballito in the next week and need internet asap, im currently using Telkom 4MB uncapped (Verulam area). but i was told that the flat that im moving inti in ballito does not have access to telkom lines, i need a...
  8. S

    student internet potchefstroom

    Hey guys, I am moving somewhere else in potchefstroom next year and have a R600 pm budget for internet, I need very low ping and a fast download speed for my needs as I will be quite far from campus. Does anyone have any good experience with their isp's in potch or are they all generally **** tier?
  9. YourKaptain

    Rain Networks Down in Mpumalanga

    Hi there, Since this morning my Rain LTE Internet has been down in Witbank, with no signal or network connectivity of any kind. Scanning from my phone does not show 655 19 or 655 38... Anybody else also having the same problem? Thanks.
  10. H

    Fake News

    Fake News has become a big problem since the invention of the internet. I am currently investigating fake news and the impact that it has on South Africa. To aid my research, I have created a questionnaire regarding fake news. It would be great if you guys could respond to it and post your...
  11. N

    Streaming using VPN on my Roku

    Hi everyone, I have a 2 Mbps Telkom ADSL line and have requested an upgrade to 4 Mbps ADSL or VDSL from Telkom. Apparently that's all I can get in my area right now. I placed an order 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened yet. I'm currently with Vox but can't get a decent wireless...
  12. M

    Help to set up Axxess card on an iPad

    I received an Axxess SIM card recently to set up on my iPad. Attracted by their low data rates. However, I’ve since discovered just how hopeless their customer service is. 5-6 emails, no response, I’ve waited for ages for technical ‘support’ to answer the phone, then eventually I’ve just hung up...
  13. M

    New Quantum Crypto Scheme Looks Ahead to "Quantum Internet"

    New Quantum Crypto Scheme Looks Ahead to "Quantum Internet"
  14. A

    IP Address owner

    Good day, I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask, but here goes: How can I prove that an IP Address belongs to someone that I am taking to court? What is required? Is it even possible to prove that an IP Address belongs to one person? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards
  15. M

    Cell C Full signal strength but no data connection (Internet unavailable)

    I have been experiencing this issue, I have my Cell C sim inserted into a Vodafone mobile router. Everything had been fine for the last three weeks when suddenly this morning I cannot connect to the internet even though the router shows that the sim is receiving signal. The Network status on...
  16. B

    Looking For new internet provider bedfordview area

    Good evening Gentleman Recently telkom decided to cut all the service in my area claiming that my area was a high cable theft area. Now im forced to look for a new provider in my area. We don't have fiber in my area and the lte-a reception is weak. i was paying R549 for a uncapped 4mb...
  17. T

    Free decentralized internet?

    Would it be possible to develop a network that is implemented by a community. Eg. a city has a few thousand houses with wireless repeaters on their roofs making a giant mesh system, and a few houses connect to the “main international/national backbones”? If one node is dead there would be...
  18. B

    Best IPS in Wellington?

    What is the fastest most reliable ISP in Wellington Western Cape? Money isn't much of an issue but getting what I pay for is.
  19. A

    Vodacom FTTH performance in Eagle Canyon?

    Hey everyone. I'm moving to Eagle Canyon in the next little while and I'm currently with Metrofibre on a 100mbps uncapped line that has been insanely stable. I'd like to know if anyone has experience with Vodacom's FTTH service and stability, as I'll be incredibly upset if I move and I end up...
  20. A

    Sony Bravia Internet Video

    New to this forum, so I hope I am positing in the correct place. I have a Sony Bravia TV model 40EX520. I have just connected it with a network cable to my router and it seems as if the connection is good. However when I try to connect to the internet, I get a message 2200. I suspect that maybe...