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  1. J

    Mobile Voice, Text and Data manager

    I am looking for an app that can help me to to track expenses of all my sim cards, I have about 15 sim cards that I manage monthly and need to track expenses, topups and usage from a cellphone or laptop. I use Vodacom, MTN and Telkom sim cards and it takes too much time to frequently check...
  2. K

    Best/affordable 3g for student

    Hi :) I am a newcomer to this page and also new to providing internet for myself lol. I am moving into a new flat (Stellenbosch) next year and looking for a efficient, yet affordable internet plan, since the university wifi does not cover the area. I am not that informed when it comes to...
  3. B

    Which way to go, ADSL + Mobile, Calls & Data ?

    Hi All, Over time we have become a bit like an injured Octopus with Internet/Call services. Time for Clean Up. At home in Observatory Jhb. I have Telkom ADSL 4/10 service, Max speed available 2.2 Mbps. Contract expired ! 2x Vodacom Huawei 3G Mobile Wi Fi 500 MB per month Using one now as...
  4. N

    Default data cap

    I recently stepped squarly into the dredded 'out of bundle' trap so smartly set by service providers. I really cannot understand the following: - I, the consumer select a voice/data contract based on the amount of data p/m plus cost advertised - The service provider does a credit check to...
  5. C

    Need wifi in Kraaifontein

    Hello, I am looking for a good Wifi provider in Kraaifontein, Western Cape. That is in the Northern Subburbs. Please any recomidations. Thanks
  6. B

    iPhone 4S availability

    Hi Guys Do anyone when the iPhone 4s will be arriving in SA and will both colours be available. Also which Service provider will provide the best pricing? Thanks Cheers
  7. jes

    Internet Solutions ADSL network down

    Internet Solutions ADSL network down Internet Solutions are experienced network problems, causing an outage for numerous ADSL users
  8. M

    Altech Technology Concepts Business ADSL

    Hi Was wondering whether anyone has signed up for the ATC Business Platinum ADSL Uncapped offering at R1900 Ex VAT? I'm exploring this option for our company and would like to hear from other mybroadband users out there about their experiences. Thanks in advance MigraineBoy
  9. jes

    Broadband and telecoms services and the SME

    Broadband and telecoms services and the SME The lynch pin of the South African economy gets some backbone, writes ARC Telecoms CEO Steve Briggs
  10. R

    iPad: Best data service provider?

    Hi All, I was fortunte to get the 3G iPad for Christmas, the next thing is to choose the best suited provider to get a micro sim & data bundle from. In terms of my usage, I have wireless at home so it would really be for here and there so I would probably use about 100-150Mb a month. I...
  11. DJ...

    Contract discounts/service/variety rant

    I have been perusing the upgrade section of and it appears that obtaining a discount based on your selected contract package no longer applies, or the discounts are no longer applied as they used to be at least. The last time I upgraded in South Africa was in 2002, and at...