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Jun 27, 2014
I am looking for an app that can help me to to track expenses of all my sim cards, I have about 15 sim cards that I manage monthly and need to track expenses, topups and usage from a cellphone or laptop.
I use Vodacom, MTN and Telkom sim cards and it takes too much time to frequently check airtime, sms packages and data packages.

I do use the different websites to login to the SP, but would like to have an app that can use USSD to check airtime, data or sms information for remote sim cards. The sim cards are used in non-smart devices like alarm systems, pump controllers etc.

If such an app doesn't exist, can't someone develop such an application for mobile devices to manage multiple sim cards from a single point for multiple SPs? I don't have the time to develop such an application for desktop and cellphone, but know enough to do it.

I'll appreciate if people in similar positions can comment and provide advice.

P.S. I don't need need a 30 ton truck to move 1 ton of material - Big corporate apps won't fit into my management model and I don't wish to spend too much money on something for an SME market.