data accounting

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    Automatic expiry of data after 30 days - is this legal? Seems like theft to me.

    My (MTN) data data expired after 30 days - is this legal? Seems like theft to me.
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    No email contact and no trace

    I have a Vodacom prepaid data problem. My bank statement shows a transaction which is not reflected on my pre-paid data. The main problem is there is no contact detail other than calling them. The problem is: - I have no trace or evidence that I contacted them. - I cannot send them evidence...
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    Mobile Voice, Text and Data manager

    I am looking for an app that can help me to to track expenses of all my sim cards, I have about 15 sim cards that I manage monthly and need to track expenses, topups and usage from a cellphone or laptop. I use Vodacom, MTN and Telkom sim cards and it takes too much time to frequently check...
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    Suspension of the FIFO principle

    From 1st September my LTE data is depleted on the Last-In-First-Out basis instead on the First-In-First-Out basis as stipulated in the contract. I have once-of packages expiring on the 13th and 27th September, but since the beggining of the month they are left intact, while my...